Photo: Grace Wiley, Senior Photo Editor, The Columbia Chronicle

Levi Sherman is an interdisciplinary artist and PhD student in Art History at the University of Wisconsin—Madison. He received his MFA in Interdisciplinary Book and Paper Arts at Columbia College Chicago in 2015, where he was a Print Production Fellow for the Journal of Artists’ Books and taught undergraduate bookbinding and letterpress. His BFA in Visual Communications was earned at the University of Arizona in 2012. His work is held in various collections including the Joan Flasch Artists’ Book Collection and the Forgotten Zine Archive and has been supported by grants from the College Book Arts Association, Awesome Foundation, and Aiko Foundation. Levi is the co-founder of Partial Press and founder of Artists’ Book Reviews.

Artist’s Statement

I make art to investigate how language shapes our reality. I am interested in language’s shortcomings, and that it nevertheless determines how, to whom, and about what we can communicate. I explore the limits of what can be expressed and understood. I question what or who imposes these limits and who benefits from them. I analyze and appropriate vernacular language from advertising and media to address issues of social and economic injustice and the systems that hide them. Manifested in print, performance and photography, I leave traces of my process throughout as a roadmap for viewers to adopt a critical stance towards media and power.