Room 302: Men Only

Guerilla exhibition

Room 302: Men Only is a site-specific, guerrilla exhibition executed at the University of Arizona School of Art building. The happening occurred in the men’s bathroom, a metonym for the historically exclusionary art institution as a whole. From April 15th to April 22nd 2010, the show exhibited drawings of the female nude to explore the role of women in art institutions.

The exhibition was executed with the help of Josh Meehan who functioned as juror and co-curator. Both male and female artists were featured.

Beyond an exhibition, the show became an artwork in and of itself. The act of hanging pieces in this room completely transformed the space and the bathroom became a place of discussion, critique and learning for both men and women.

The participating artists were:
Levi Sherman (co-curator)
Josh Meehan (co-curator)
Kaixi Xu
Matt DiGianfilippo
Shauncee McCoy